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2018 marks 50 years of the Fair Housing Act. Join @natfairhouse in commemorating this historic legislation at FHAct50.org. #FHAct50


We’re commemorating 50 years of the Fair Housing Act with @natfairhouse. Learn how this movement has helped millions of Americans at FHAct50.org. #FHAct50


The Fair Housing Act is one of the most important laws in America. Access to fair housing affects every aspect of our lives. Learn more at FHAct50.org. #FHAct50


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Where you live impacts all areas of your life. It determines your access to living wage jobs, quality food or healthcare, high-performing schools, and safe lenders. It also impacts your chances of being incarcerated, your income, and whether your children will go to college. #FHAct50


We must work together to make every neighborhood a place of opportunity. Policies created by government and private entities facilitated residential segregation and the isolation that comes with it. Overcoming these disparities will not happen without proactive efforts to reverse the harms caused by discrimination and build strong communities. #FHAct50


Fair housing benefits everyone. It strengthens families, communities, businesses, and the economy. The Fair Housing Act is a powerful tool for expanding housing and other opportunities. #FHAct50


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