Seven Days


When a single gunshot rings out at a small motel in Memphis, the assassination of Dr. King triggers riots across the country. President Johnson, long frustrated by his inability to improve fair housing conditions for people of color, scrambles to use the crisis to his advantage. With few days to spare and many arms to twist, he and two young Senators – Edward Brooke and Walter Mondale –  attempt to push a fair housing bill through a reluctant Congress before the slain Civil Rights leader is laid to rest.  The Fair Housing Act was ultimately passed just seven days after Dr. King’s untimely death.

Underwritten by Nationwide to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Fair Housing Act and the 30th anniversary of the National Fair Housing Alliance, this short film tells the important story of how the law was passed, reminds people about its significance, and compels us all to complete the unfinished work of the Act.